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Taxpayer’s Return Of Real Property

Taxpayers have each year, from January 1 through April 1, the right to file a Taxpayer’s Return of Real Property with the Tax Commissioner’s office. This is an opportunity for the taxpayer to inform the County he/she has a different opinion of the value of a property than the value established by the Tax Assessors office in the previous year. This process can be used whenever a taxpayer has made changes to his/her property or if he/she simply disagrees with the value the Tax Assessors office has declared.

For information on appeals and the appeals process provided by the Fayette County Tax Assessors Office please use the following link:

You may choose to download Form PT-50 at:

To begin the process of filing a Taxpayer's Return of Real Property:

The form should be completed in its entirety, identifying the property by map & parcel, and tax district. Please complete all form fields including the value you place on your property in the far right column of section C.

You may contact the Tax Commissioner's Office at (770) 461-3652 if you have questions or need help completing the form.


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